Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How To: Mucking Around in My Art Journal

Hi there!  It's time for another in my series, Mucking Around in My Art Journal.  This time, I'm finishing the other side of the spread I showed last post.

Here's how the full spread turned out.

And here's a fast forward video showing how it all came to be:

You can also watch "How to - Mucking Around in My Art Journal" on YouTube here.

I hope you've been enjoying this series; you can see all the "Mucking Around" posts here!  Let me know in the comments if it's been helpful to you.

Also, as many know, I've been making a lot of art around what's going on right now in the United States.   I hope you'll check them out.

Sanctuary celebrates the dignity of all people, and is inspired by the Elie Wiesel quote that "no human being is illegal."  All proceeds to First Friends.   This design is also available in a button, art print, and stationary cards.

This "Open Your Heart" button celebrates people of all faiths and backgrounds.  All proceeds go to the ACLU of NJ.  It's also available in Red, White and Blue, because tolerance IS patriotic.

You can also buy it as a print.  

I hope you'll help me support activism through art!

Are you using your art to express your beliefs or activism?  I'd love to know.  Please share your experience and any links in the comments!

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